couldn’t resist sharing

couldn’t resist sharing

couldn’t resist sharing

One of my favourite wedding of this season is Arianne + Phillip wedding because the brief was to create a laid back and intimate space, one that wasn’t the usual Sydney wedding and invited guests to mingle throughout the night.

So we created this with Arianne + Phillip – a much more casual setting with lounges set around the marquee. It’s intimately lit with the antique chandeliers and candles, with a gorgeous canopy of green florals. And I completely love it! I wish we could do more of these settings so guests can just mingle rather than be a formal sit down.

Starting at 2am with the marquee on top of a virus infection and knocked out knee (old age is awful), thankfully the team are amazing.

By the way it’s taken awhile to get back into the groove of these behind the scenes films, I’ve been a tad busy with afew other projects, but you’ll be seeing a lot more of them.

Click LEARN MORE to view the final look of this gorgeous wedding.

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